Grace Entangled - Exhibition

31, August, 2018

I am enjoying seeing my work in the beautiful setting of Kinharvie Institute.  It was a busy two days setting up, the artists conversation and the opening.  Lots of positive feedback made all the handwork feel worthwhile and I am very appreciative of having this opportunity to show my work.

The Evolution of a painting

03, August, 2018

This final painting - it is one of a series of five painting and has been the one I have wrestled with most.   The composition and palette eluded me constantly.  Eventually I feel I have got it to a place were I am satisfied enough to leave it alone.  It has been a long journey!

  Compositional drawing

 Initial version

 Desaturating the yellows

  Final painting


18, March, 2018

My intention was to write some reflections on my experience of showing at Edinburgh Fruitmarket in February - but time has flown by, swallowed up by work, snow and producing new work for the Platform Festival in Perth.   Its now a month later and the sharpness of the experience has faded into a warm memory of meeting lots of people, having many interesting conversations and the warm rush of selling a book.  The hard work and endless hours spent measuring, cutting and gluing to create the books is receding and I'm already thinking of what I could do for next year.   



Shadows in the Landscape

12, August, 2017

These three paintings are the first fruits of a year of 'research' into a small local ancient wood.

The themes I am exploring through this work is our interconnectedness with the natural world, the cycle of life, light and dark. The inspiration for these paintings was my shadow being cast by the low autumn sun onto the years of leaf litter scattered on the woodland floor.


Darkness Reflected - Exhibition Review

22, February, 2017

Darkness Reflected

An exhibition by Chris Partridge & George Logan

I experienced a whole array of emotions while viewing this exhibition. It was moving, challenging, discomforting, stimulating and thought provoking. Consisting of paintings, sculpture, poetry, photography and film there is a lot to see which warrants time to wander, question personal response and make time to speak with the artists.

There are of course personal and political aspects to this work. In 2015 Chris Partridge experienced distressing changes and deterioration to her eyesight resulting in a series of scans and tests to determine the cause. While fear of potential loss of sight was foremost in her mind, finding ways to process feelings and make sense of the experience led her to this whole new body of work.

Based on original eye scans the art work takes on surreal abstract shapes. Paintings invite us to look but not touch as the surface is literally barred by interwoven barbed wire tinged with red paint. Barbed wire is also formed into small complex sculptural pieces which are both beautiful and unsettling to look at.

George Logan a photographer and film maker deals with a different aspect of vision, ‘eyes as windows to the soul’ with particular emphasis on the experience of First World War soldiers, Black Watch Regiment. George presents a series of photographs showing just one eye of individual soldiers. It’s uncomfortable to look directly at these images. Some are grainy, others staring wide open, some with eyes half closed. It’s difficult to imagine what these soldiers witnessed and what horrors they stored away. However as we in turn witness the soldiers it’s hard to imagine we will easily forget them.

Advances in neuroscience now offer great insight to the impact of trauma on the brain, mind and body and the long term effects that bearing witness to horror creates. While these images force us to question historical impact of war they also expose us to our current world situation and horrors still witnessed on a daily basis.

Darkness Reflected, a video, is a main focus point of the exhibition reflecting states of mind and physical journeys. It is a beautiful and engaging piece of work for two artists collaborating for the first time. Clever manipulation of recordings made within a hospital adds an eerie, surreal atmosphere to the projected images of ancient woodland and fleeting human presence.

Chris and George have amassed quite a body of research here with work that is engaging, methodical and well presented and have indeed found insight and light in the darkest places. I recommend this exhibition.

Pauline McGee

Visual Artist

Invigilating an Exhibition

20, February, 2017





Walking round the gallery

A cup of tea


A visitor ... wait ... let them look ... say hello

Artists come and go to their studios

A quick look, hello

Wheeling bikes, with a dog




Looking at the work 18 months in gestation

And birthed into this exhibition

An ending

A letting go so as to clear a space

For something New to emerge.




Darkness Reflected

22, January, 2017

In just over four weeks my exhibition with George Logan will be opening.  The leaflets are designed, the publicity started now I am focusing on creating the support for displaying my large artist book piece.  A local woodpile cut the MDF for me and now painting them the 'right' shade of grey.   They  look much bigger than the masking tape outline around the book. It could just be that the studio is a smaller space than the room where the book is?!!

Restraint and Desire

09, December, 2016

“Faith in the ability to honour stillness at some moments and at others to ride the passion and exuberance” 

Alan Lightman

Our proposal for a joint exhibition (with George Logan) has been accepted and we will be showing in Patriothall Galleries at the end of February. Knowing I have a deadline has pushed me to get on with creating the artist books that up to this point were just sketched ideas in my notebook. It has helped me rein in my desire to get started on a new project on light, presence and time that has been growing in the pages of my journal and sketchbook.

I was very aware of the theme of restraint and desire when making these three artist books - the need to pay attention to detail – measuring, cutting and gluing all the while restraining myself from rushing ahead to finish the piece. That’s when mistakes happen.

I am pleased with the finished result though – for once the idea I had in my head and the end result match – which is satisfying.

Now I just get on with the other artist books for the exhibition – I will be busy over the Christmas holidays!


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