Touched by Time

17, September, 2016

Having lived in the studio for the last couple of months - these two paintings have been moved out (my statement that they are finally finished).  Large paintings, finding somewhere else to put them is a challenge - my home has become an art studio/storage space!  The two paintings (based on an eye scan) work well with the cultural piece I have been working on.  It is good to see the three of them together, though hard to appreciate the full impact as they need a bigger space to breath in.


Close ups of the paintings & with the cultural piece


Artist book or sculpture??

14, September, 2016

If it were not for Shadows we would not have beauty

Based on journal entries over the five months of the experience of a sudden distortion to the vision in my left eye, conceived of as an artist book, this piece has grown and developed into an instillation - it is now more sculpture than book. Based on the idea of a journey through darkness into insight, in early prototypes the content was text based but the shape of the experience did not sit uneasily with the words. In the end I have given them their own space in the form of a book of poetry

“To be healed is not to be saved from mortality but rather, to be released back into it: we are returned to the wild, into possibilities for ageing and change.” Kathleen Jamie



The Yin and Yang of Creating

21, August, 2016

Starting on my latest work was hard    Questions as to why I was doing this and how would the paintings improve on the eye scan photos hovered.   I wasn't till I began that I grasped that I was wrestling with the polarity of control (certainty) and spontaneity (unknown).   This reflected the actual experience I had with my sight - a sense of unknown and grasping for some certainty; of disintegrating and seeking integration.   What freed me was deciding to dance with the polarities rather than resist them.  To embrace both adding structure and spontaneity in the process of creating the painting and see where I end up. 

I am documenting the process - another way of telling the 'story'.  The images below are of the very beginning of one of the paintings - the initial charcoal 'sketch'; after a wash of graphite in oil medium and painting over the sketch in white; addition of more charcoal; another wash of graphite in oil medium follow by wiping away.  


Artist at work

14, August, 2016

I spent yesterday with George Logan filming my eye for our video collaboration.  An experience in keeping still and staying focused on one spot - not easy but worth it for the result.


12, August, 2016

Finished a painting today, though it begs the question - is a painting ever finished?  I have been coming back to this painting on and off over the last four weeks.  Another painting I had thought finished I ended up today adding some rusty wire - for me the wire speaks of decay and being forbidden (do not enter here).

The distortion of my vision where lampposts were no longer ramrod straight, the cauldron of feelings triggered by the reminder of my mortality and vulnerability as a human being are the inspirations for both paintings     

What was known

The Physical Act of Making

09, August, 2016

After several weeks focussing on creating a sculptural artist book - a time of paying attention to details, measuring, cutting, gluing - it was a pleasure to engage with pure making for no obvious reason.  To indulge in the pleasure of direct contact with materials, to experiment and play.  The 'Three Muses' are a product of such time.  An afternoon where the interplay between my hands, the material properties of rusty wire and decisions taken in the moment came together with a joy in the physical act of making.  

Studio Overflow

03, August, 2016

I am currently working on a large artist book project - running out of space my work overflows into the living room.  Though I have created several prototypes there is a strong sense of the unknown.  Will it all come together at the end or has all my hours of cutting, painting and gluing been in vain?  Only time will tell.


On the Edge - Painting in 3D

03, July, 2016

Working in 3D has been bubbling to surface in my work for awhile now.  Seeing Sara Barker's exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery inspired the piece below.   I am intrigued by the idea of working at that boundary between painting and sculpture.  The move from an idea drawn in my sketchbook to manifestation has had its usual ups and down, not least the challenge of wrestling rusty wire, some barbed into the form I had in mind.  The final form emerged from that dialogue.

On the Edge - Front view        On the Edge - back view     


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