Restraint and Desire

09, December, 2016

“Faith in the ability to honour stillness at some moments and at others to ride the passion and exuberance” 

Alan Lightman

Our proposal for a joint exhibition (with George Logan) has been accepted and we will be showing in Patriothall Galleries at the end of February. Knowing I have a deadline has pushed me to get on with creating the artist books that up to this point were just sketched ideas in my notebook. It has helped me rein in my desire to get started on a new project on light, presence and time that has been growing in the pages of my journal and sketchbook.

I was very aware of the theme of restraint and desire when making these three artist books - the need to pay attention to detail – measuring, cutting and gluing all the while restraining myself from rushing ahead to finish the piece. That’s when mistakes happen.

I am pleased with the finished result though – for once the idea I had in my head and the end result match – which is satisfying.

Now I just get on with the other artist books for the exhibition – I will be busy over the Christmas holidays!


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