Chris Partridge - About 

As a child I played with paint, had a chemistry set and microscope, tried to hatch a silkworm moth, and collected fossils. Discovery and creativity continued to be twin passions I pursued in my varied career as a research scientist, expedition leader, trainer, coach and facilitator. These experiences are part of the rich tangle of roots that feed and nourish my practice as an artist.

I graduated from the Open College of Art in 2015 with a 1st class BA (Hons) Degree in Painting.

“Art is a way of knowing. It’s a medium of thinking, and it’s one that grants pleasure.” Jerry Saltz

We make are because it "widens out the boundaries of our being and unites all living beings" Pablo Neruda




30th August - 2nd September 2018 - Kinharvie Institute, Glasgow


24th - 31st March - Perth Platform Festival


17th - 18th February - Edinburgh Book Festival - Still Gallery



1st April - 1st June 2017 - Presence Embodied: Tron Theatre, Glasgow, G1 5HB 


17th - 28th February 2017– Darkness Reflected: Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, EH3 5AY



4th February – 20th May 2015 – Looking at The World: Blue Owl Gallery, Grantham.


26th – 29th August 2015 – Presence Embodied: Kinharvie Institute, Glasgow – solo exhibition.

3rd – 30th July 2015 – A Quite Obsession: Strathearn Artspace, Crieff with Anne Gilchrist

Previous Exhibitions

2014 Perth Visual Arts exhibition: Strathearn Artspace – Endings

2011 Two Volcanoes Exhibitions, Edinburgh

2011 Pitlochry Gallery Association Exhibition, Pitlochry

2011 Perth Open Studios, Perth

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