“The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes” Proust

For me, my art is a conversation with life, a way of living my questions- an uncovering and getting to know through practice. It is a form of research, a way of digging into and understanding the experience of beauty, impermanence, ageing and woundedness.

I work in a variety of media but essentially see myself as a painter who works in two and three dimensions. There is physicality to painting that draws me, using a limited palette, I build layers of texture, mainly using oil mixed in a cold encaustic medium. It is a constant dialogue that engages both body and mind.

The written word in the form of poems is also becoming a part of my on-going practice. I see my poems as small word pictures and am intrigued by how, through an artist book. I can express the poem in both form and words. 

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